All-American, With a Twist

Photo: Christopher Griffith

The Burger
DB Burger “West”
“This is like a bacon burger, but more refined; the burger gives class to the pulled pork, and a little jalapeño mayonnaise gives it a piquancy. You can pick up the pulled pork from one of the many barbecue joints around town; I like Daisy May’s.”
—Daniel Boulud, Daniel

Hot Dog
Grilled Kielbasa Roll With Cardamom Coleslaw and Whole-Grain Mustard Aoli
“Hot dogs typically burn or dry out, but kielbasa can stand up to the aggressiveness of the grill. Putting it on a Portuguese roll lets the flavors meld more subtly.”
—Kerry Heffernan, Eleven Madison Park

On the Side
Multicolored Pear-Tomato Salad With Minced-Carrot Vinaigrette
“The carrots serve as a crunchy foil for the tomatoes, and the color combination is very pretty.”
—Jonathan Waxman, Barbuto

Watermelon, Fennel, Tomato, and Red-Onion Salad
—David Burke, davidburke & donatella

The Clambake
Grilled Foil Clambake
“The foil packet works well on the grill because it cooks from the bottom; the shellfish open first, then the steam cooks the lobster and the juices drip onto the corn and potatoes. You can assemble these in the morning and cook them later in the day, so it’s easy.”
—Laurent Tourondel, BLT Fish

The Chicken
Citrus-and-Garlic-Rubbed Barbecued Chicken on a Chicken-Broth Can
“The spices and herbs in the can steam through the chicken while it’s slow-roasting; meanwhile, the grill’s heat is getting the skin crisp. It’s unbelievably tender and moist.”
—Waldy Malouf, Beacon

For Dessert
Baked Peach Tart
“Baking intensifies the flavor of the peaches, and it’s a great platform for ice cream. Don’t peel the peaches; it looks prettier and helps them stay together during cooking.”
—Karen Demasco, Craft

Shortcakes withLemon Curd Creamand Strawberries
—Lauren Dawson, Hearth

All-American, With a Twist