5 Haute Dogs

205 E. Houston St.
The quintessential New York hot dog, in thequintessential setting ($2.50).

269 W. 23rd St.
They serve smoked-tofu dogs here, but don’t letthat deter you: The pork ($3.50) and the beef ($2.50)versions are pure fatty pleasure.

Gray’s Papaya
402 Sixth Ave.

Slim and snappy, the best of thepapaya posse (75 cents).

135-A N. 5th St., Brooklyn
A gourmet weiner if there ever was one: The frank isNiman Ranch, the bacon is applewood-smoked, thecheddar is Grafton, plus a fancy-pants bun ($2.50 to$3.50).

Eleven Madison Park Hot Dog Cart
Madison Park at 23rd St.
Get ’em while they last: Danny Meyer’sestimable Chicago dogs ($2.50) may not return to thepark next year, but we hope they’ll show up elsewhere.

5 Haute Dogs