Hot Chocolates

1. @SQC
Thicker than Mrs. Gloop’s accent and richer than Veruca Salt’s dad, Scott Campbell’s signature drink beautifully balances bitter and sweet. Served in a bathtub-size cup, with fresh whipped cream and a ribbon of dark chocolate. (270 Columbus Avenue, near 72nd Street; 212-579-0100.)

2. City Bakery
Every February, Maury “Cookie Dough” Rubin puts on his mad-scientist coat to concoct flavors like ginger, vanilla-bean, and banana-peel for his hot-chocolate festival. Until then, we’ll take his creamy Valrhona version, complete with homemade marshmallow. (3 West 18th Street; 212-366-1414.)

3. Kitchen/Market
Challenging the vogue for thick-and-rich, Kitchen’s frothy cocktail of Mexican Ibarra chocolate has a lingering cinnamon flavor. (218 Eighth Avenue, at 21st Street; 212-243-4433.)

4. Jacques Torres
Brand-new ancho-chili-and-chipotle-spiced Wicked Hot Chocolate from the former Le Cirque pastry chef will change anyone’s perceptions that this is a drink for the Serendipity 3 set. (66 Water Street, Brooklyn; 718-875-9772.)

5. Payard Pâtisserie
That clever Frenchman François Payard has covered all the hot-chocoholic bases: His American-style is made with skim milk (we’re reserving judgment); à la Française is smooth and creamy; and Brésilian is the French plus a shot of espresso. (1032 Lexington Avenue, near 73rd Street; 212-717-5252.)

Hot Chocolates