Holiday Entertaining

Dinner Party Drama

Most of us, if we’re honest, would admit to mixed feelings about the holidays. On the one hand, there’s a lot to celebrate. On the other, is it really necessary to serve turkey again? Tradition has its uses (sandwiches!). But sometimes it’s fun to break the rules, cast the net a bit wider – wide enough, for instance, to catch the wild boar that transforms chef Rick Laakkonen’s deeply flavored ragout, one of several enticingly exotic recipes that prove you don’t need a hunting permit to go wild with game. Broaden your hors d’oeuvre horizons by planning an informal evening around international tapas, from miniature croques monsieur to chili-spiked sake-steamed clams. Tag along to a potluck supper hosted by gourmet grocer Andy Arons; lucky for him – and us – his guests are professional chefs. And for a sweet finish, we keep things simple with three takes on an old-time classic that absolutely take the cake.

Small Goes Global
There’s a fine line between hors d’oeuvre and tapas. Why not cross it? The former’s a dainty prelude to the main course, the latter a delectable entity in its own right . . .

Wild Kitchen
Game’s not for kids – but assisted by top Manhattan chefs and suppliers like D’Artagnan, it’s come of age as holiday fare . . .

The Cake Also Rises
Chances are, your earliest kitchen memory involves a cake mix, a set of beaters, and an ungodly amount of store-bought frosting, most of which you ended up either eating or wearing . . .

Cooks on an Island
A group of friends in a Manhattan kitchen, all brandishing knives. A hit tv show? No. But a spectacular holiday meal . . .

Living in a Spirited Age
A new era of barrel-aged whiskey and rum is emerging. Put these mellowed liquors on your palate and feel the flavor kick in . . .

Holiday Entertaining