Summer Entertaining

In the winter, the week’s the thing – weekends are for recuperation. But come Memorial Day, the equation is reversed. Life starts on Friday afternoon (though Thursday afternoon is infinitely more civilized). Which is why we’ve dedicated this issue to the Great American Weekend. Downtown diva Serena Bass invites you to a party at her country place in Connecticut and shows that hipness and homeyness can coexist. Chefs like Alain Ducasse, Daniel Boulud, and Tom Colicchio talk about their dream weekends and share recipes for what they cook on their rare days off. The spice of life in the dog days is spice, and we’ve asked New York chefs to contribute their hottest – and hottest – recipes for the grill. Tabletop guru Colin Cowie improvises three summer tables – brunch, picnic lunch, and dinner – all alfresco. And since relaxation can use all the help it can get, we asked some of our favorite bartenders for their tastiest new cocktails. With a little luck, you can forget all about Monday. We’ll drink to that.

The Perfect Weekend
By Gillian Duffy
Produced by Jordan Schaps
Text by Robin Raisfeld

Serena Bass’s Green Acres
The story of a city girl who uses her wits – and cooking skills, and relatives, and Rolodex – to find happiness and a rocking good time in a little town two hours north of Manhattan.

Party Politics
How do you spike a melon, soothe with music, and impress an investor? The city’s top social darlings solve your most difficult entertaining dilemmas.

Sipping Pretty
Eight new summer drinks signal a rebirth of the cool.

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Summer Entertaining