The New Cubism

Has the thrill gone out of your grill? For your nextcookout, try kebabs—cubes of marinated meat orfish threaded on skewers and charcoal-grilled tosublimely caramelized perfection. At leastthat’s the way they’ll turn out if youfollow chef Jimmy Bradley’s foolproof recipesfor the ultimate kebab cookout, honed at the rooftopparties he throws when he’s not busy running theRed Cat, the Harrison, and the Mermaid Inn. Bradleyloves kebabs because they cook quickly and let himspend more time relaxing with his guests. We love thembecause they’re absolutely delicious:citrus-marinated swordfish on rosemary branches withgarlicky yellow-pepper vinaigrette; curried lambkebabs with lentil-orzo salad; sage-permeated porkbrochettes painted with tangy tapenade. A bounty ofsprightly summer salads cut the heat and round out themenu, including a Jersey-corn salad that looks andtastes so much like a farmstand in August you’llfeel you’re in summertime heaven.

Photo: Richard Pierce

Menu For Eight

Swordfish on Rosemary Branches with Yellow-Pepper Vinaigrette

Yellow-Pepper Vinaigrette

Black-Olive Pork Brochette

Black-Olive Tapenade

Curried-Lamb Kebab

Lentil-and-Orzo Salad

Cucumber-Watermelon-and-Fennel Salad with Ricotta Salata

Sunflower Salad

Warm Jersey-Corn Salad

Text by Robin Raisfeld

The New Cubism