Hot Plate: 66

The address is 66 Leonard Street, but the entrance, confusingly, is at 241 Church Street (212-925-0202).

Who’s the chef?

Not again! That’s his thirteenth place.
Yes, and he has two more opening soon.

He’s turning into a boomer HoJo!
When did HoJo serve shrimp-and-foie-gras dumplings with grapefruit sauce?

So how can I make sure J.G. is in the kitchen when I’m there?
Go now, while he’s still peeling the onions, before he moves on to a 40-seater on Perry Street that will be much harder to get into.

At his prices, I want to sit next to someone famous.
Well, a Vogue soirée drew Richard Gere and Renée Zellweger. And at least you can say you’ve eaten in the first Richard Meier–designed restaurant.

Hot Plate: 66