Recovery Rooms

Why pay thousands to stay in a sterile hospital room with a roommate the night after your cosmetic surgery? Instead, you can pay a fraction of that and recuperate in one of several fine establishments in New York that cater to the post-plastic-surgery patient. Many doctors recommend that their patients decamp to these three hotels, where you can get a lovely room or suite for a couple hundred dollars. Even when you add $1,000 for a 24-hour private nurse, who picks you up in the recovery room and has a direct line to your surgeon, it’s money well spent.

Convenient: Lynden GardensPhoto: Lynden Gardens

Lyden Gardens
215 East 64th Street (212-320-8022); from $235 per night
It’s not the Ritz, but remember, you’re looking for low-key, and here the likelihood of running into someone you know is pretty small, unless of course they’re having work done, too. As it’s right across from Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, a good number of the guests are recovering from surgery. There’s no room service, but the hotel has a menu composed of meals from five neighborhood restaurants that will deliver. The staff is attentive, most of the rooms are suites (convenient when you have a nurse on site), and a garage exit ensures that the bruised and bandaged can come and go without pounding the pavement.

Excelsior Hotel
45 West 81st Street (212-362-9200); from $149 per night
The décor is wood-paneled cozy, and the block (the hotel is across the street from the Hayden Planetarium) is pretty and quiet. The staff is sympathetic and prepared with lots of extra towels and buckets of ice. Unfortunately, the Excelsior has no room service. There’s always takeout.

Posh: The StanhopePhoto: The Stanhope Park Hyatt

The Stanhope Park Hyatt
995 Fifth Avenue, at 81st Street (212-650-4700); from $295 per night
The Stanhope is across from Central Park and a stone’s throw from many plastic surgeons’ offices, which is why so many recommend it. Accommodations are elegant, the service is first-rate, and here, there is room service.

Recovery Rooms