Medicine: Dispatches from the front lines

Fantastic Voyage
The images look like reptilian creatures out of a low-budget science-fiction film, but they are in fact the blood vessels that run through our bodies …(read on)

3-D Baby Pictures
The 3-D ultrasound machine, which for close to a decade has discovered detailed anomalies …(read on)

Brain Waves
At Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Dr. Philip Gutin and neuroscientist Joy Hirsch have begun applying a decade-old technique …(read on)

Easy on the Heart
Dr. Robert Tranbaugh, chief of cardiac surgery at Beth Israel Medical Center, was in high school when the first coronary bypass was performed. Thirty-three years later, Tranbaugh will be part of the latest advance in heart surgery …(read on)

AIDS: Still Searching
Five years ago, Dr. David Ho and Dr. Martin Markowitz developed highly active anti-retroviral therapy …(read on)

Some Nerve
The ancients called it the vagus (“wandering”) nerve because it extended from the brain down through the body …(read on)

Medicine: Dispatches from the front lines