Keith Cowling

Photo: Brad Paris

Describe your taste.
Esoteric foreign films that don’t have much dialogue or plot.

What’s new and good?
Catherine Breillat’s Anatomy of Hell. She does these really raunchy sex movies told from the female perspective, which is pretty cool. Another one that looks good is Tarnation, which just came out. I don’t even know how to explain it; the guy who made it put together all this Super-8 footage he had from childhood to make this insane portrait of his upbringing. It’s kind of amazing.

Wish list:
My perfect movie would be a documentary directed by Agnès Varda, and it would compare and chronicle the careers and mental breakdowns of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and the Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones. Dan Treacy would have to narrate; he started the band Television Personalities in the late seventies, and he just got out of jail, so he’d be perfect.

Current irritant:
No more Steven Spielberg movies. We’ve had enough. Especially if Tom Hanks is in it. He was never good—even movies like Big and Splash were bad.

Keith Cowling