The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection on DVD

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection.Photo: Courtesy of The Harold Lloyd Trust

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Our Pick
Harold Lloyd started by ripping off Charlie Chaplin but soon became an icon in his own right, his round-rimmed spectacles anticipating Harry Potter’s signature look. The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection, a mammoth seven-disc set of fifteen features and thirteen shorts, flaunts the originality of Lloyd’s talent, and then some. (The extras include only-for-the-obsessive home movies.) Obviously, you’ll find Lloyd’s famous dangling-from-a-clock-face scene in Safety Last! (pictured), but his Jazz Age romance Speedy is the real New York landmark. The 1928 film anticipated Chaplin’s Modern Times and was delivered as Lloyd’s mash note to the city, a sweethearted ramble staged on the city’s subways, trolley cars, and streets, documenting the swirl of Coney Island, the seltzer spew of soda counters, and the ugly mug of Babe Ruth. NR; $89.95.

The Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection on DVD