13 Going on 30 on DVD

13 Going On 30Photo: Columbia Tristar Entertainment

13 Going on 30
A decent, Big-ish date movie about a teen in a grown-up body (Jennifer Garner) who falls for a cute guy (Mark Ruffalo). PG-13; $28.95.

Viggo Mortensen plays an over-the-hill cowboy who enters his champion mustang in a 3,000-mile survival race. New York’s Peter Rainer wrote: “The malarkey is mostly intentional in the manner of the Indiana Jones movies—which director Joe Johnston once worked on.” PG-13; $29.99.

Soul Plane
Snoop Dogg’s Airplane! spoof should never have left the tarmac. R; $26.98.

Pennies From Heaven
In Dennis Potter’s brilliant, musical BBC series, Bob Hoskins delivers a painful performance as a sheet-music salesman whose marriage to a prim lady falls apart in Depression-era England. NR; $59.98.

For the Presley completist, six less-than-classics: It Happened at the World’s Fair, Double Trouble, Speedway, Spinout, The Trouble With Girls, and Harum Scarum, in which “Elvis brings the Big Beat to Bagdad” and sings songs like “Harem Holiday.” NR; $14.97 each.

Knight Rider: The Complete First Season
A talking Pontiac plus David Hasselhoff, pre-Speedo. NR; $59.98.

The Krzysztof Kieslowski Collection II
Four features by the Polish master: The Scar, Camera Buff, No End, Blind Chance. NR; $29.95.


13 Going on 30 on DVD