Schindler’s List on DVD

A scene from Schindler's List.Photo: Universal Studios

Schindler’s List
A latecomer to DVD, Spielberg’s 1993 Holocaust epic arrives in an elaborate package that includes a full-length Shoah Foundation documentary, which features 77 minutes of unreleased testimony from Schindler survivors. R; $26.98.

Suave, sharp Clive Owen delivers his best performance to date as a struggling writer who gets pulled deep into director Mike Hodges’s dark twist on the heist genre. R; $19.99.

The Raquel Welch Collection
Five films by the bombshell, including her breakout—or is it bust-out?—turn as Tyrannosaurus bait in One Million Years B.C. and her disastrous starring role in Myra Breckinridge. Five discs; R; $49.98.

Mona Lisa Smile
Intended to be a Dead Poets Society for young feminists, this Julia Roberts vehicle was, instead, “a clichéd thesis-movie,” wrote New York’s Peter Rainer. Now it gets worse: The DVD adds Elton John’s video for the saccharine soundtrack ballad “The Heart of Every Girl.” PG-13; $28.95.

French director Delphine Gleize’s debut is a gripping, gruesome fresco of fractured lives. NR; $24.98.

Our Pick
Long before a drunken friend viciously characterizes the protagonists of Scenes From a Marriage as “candy figurines wrapped in red ribbons,” it’s clear that all is not well at home. But Ingmar Bergman’s achingly complex vignettes of married life never settle for the simple trouble-lurks-in-suburbia tropes of so much contemporary drama. In both the original five-hour version (filmed for Swedish television) and the shorter version cut for American release—both included in this elegant new Criterion edition—landmark performances by Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson conjure one of cinema’s most believable relationships—a true domestic epic. Three discs; PG; $49.95. Extras: Interviews with Ullmann, Josephson, and Bergman; essay by Phillip Lopate; critique by Peter Cowie; new subtitles.

Schindler’s List on DVD