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The Secret Lives of DentistsPhoto: Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment

The Secret Lives of Dentists
Alan Rudolph’s film about a dentist and his wife (Campbell Scott and Hope Davis) was “refreshingly uncategorizable,” said New York’s Peter Rainer. “It’s somewhere between a marital-discord drama and a mystery thriller, but it also has its madcap moments.” R; $26.96

The Critic: The Complete Series
The jittery animated show about a dysfunctional journo (Jon Lovitz). 3 discs; NR; $49.95

Time Bandits
A new edition of Terry Gilliam’s punch-drunk time-traveling fantasy includes interviews and an hourlong Gilliam biography. NR; $24.98

Absolutely Positive
Peter Adair’s groundbreaking 1991 documentary about aids. NR; $24.95

Alice in Wonderland
Disney’s two-disc edition adds intros by Walt, games, and an extra Cheshire Cat song. G; $29.99

In the Cut
New York’s Peter Rainer said Jane Campion’s frisky police drama, starring Mark Ruffalo and Meg Ryan, was “closer to an installment of Red Shoe Diaries” than to “Last Tango in the East Village.” NR; $26.96

Andrew Jarecki’s confounding documentary Capturing the Friedmans, an inside account of a complicated Long Island family and its two child-molestation convictions, was an insoluble riddle. Now this two-disc expanded version further complicates the matter with more than two hours of extras. Footage of heated film-festival debates among police detectives, pundits, and family members is a brilliant addition that answers some pressing follow-up questions, though the scanned court documents are overkill. The real highlight is Jarecki’s short film that led him to this family’s story, a documentary about New York birthday-party clowns (David Friedman is one of the city’s most successful) that recently had its own theatrical debut at Sundance. 2 discs; NR; $29.95.

New on DVD