Loews 42nd St. November 3, 2004. 8:15 P.M.

Amy Lagorne
Architectural Design
I thought it was unfortunate that so many people were killed in the same house and none of the neighbors seemed to take notice.

Monet Blinker
Theater Usher
You had to be very attentive. Sarah Michelle Gellar was not even the main character; I don’t know who was. She’s just the only person that we knew!

Lucy Celvillar
Hotel Reservationist
It was suspenseful from beginning to end. We screamed, we jumped, we held onto each other, because we never knew what to expect.

Sammy Rivera
It could’ve used more blood, more gore, more cutting up of people. I thought Sarah was awesome. I’ll see anything she’s in, even if it does suck.

Mery Galan
It was all right, but I’m scared of everything. For me, everything’s scary. It was too short anyway.