New York’s Movie Summer

Illustration by Christopher Sleboda

As blockbuster season brings out the stars, what will be worth seeing? The Brad Pitt–Angelina Jolie vehicle that spawned a thousand headlines arrives; Will Ferrell ubiquity escalates; Scarlett Johansson plays the template for film’s all-time hottest clone horde. Plus: For Jennifer Connelly, playing a victim of real-estate nightmares didn’t require much acting.

Month by Month
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The Outlook
1 Back in Action
A (mostly) Jar Jar-free ‘Star Wars,’ a new Batman, and a jet with an evil brain.

2 Child’s Play
This summer, the kids’ movies are all grown up (but still plenty goofy).

3 Independents Day
Arty directors storm the multiplex - and turn the season into indie heaven.

4 Handicapping the Comedies
The pros and cons.

Summer’s Stars
5 Brownstone of Death
Jennifer Connelly confronts the Terror of New York Real Estate.

6 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
’Relief work.’

7 Scarlett Johansson 2.0
Finally, a positive clone movie.

8 Big Man on Campus
The omnipresent Will Ferrell.

9 The Fat Man Sings
A musical comedy starring Tony Soprano?

10 June is For July
Renaissance hipster Miranda July.

11Skater Boi
Victor Rasuk of “Lords of Dogtown.”

12 Pimp my Star
Terrence Howard’s big shot.

13 Hong Kong Heartthrob
Superstar Tony Leung.

New York’s Movie Summer