Ex–Coke Kingpin Turns Up His Nose At Miramax Biopic

Azie Faison Jr. may be the only New Yorker who doesn’t want his life glamorized on the big screen.

The legendary Harlem drug dealer – who got out of the business (barely) alive after a 1987 shooting that made front-page news – is unhappy with the Miramax biopic Paid in Full. He wanted the movie to be a cautionary tale about the perils of drug-dealing, not one that celebrates that lifestyle.

“After I was shot, the doctor said, ‘This man’s dead,’ ” says Faison, “but God saved me. He said, ‘Bring the drug game to an end.’ “

Faison (nicknamed AZ) had hoped Paid in Full would help accomplish that goal. “I gave this man a powerful screenplay,” he says of producer Damon Dash, “but now it seems more like a marketing plan to promote his rappers. Plus Cam’ron” – a rapper who’s in the film – “is too rah-rah about the drug game.”

Dash admits that “Cam’ron never experienced the dealer’s life” but dismisses Faison’s criticism: “If you want to call it a marketing tool, fine.”

Faison concedes that the film’s grim, violent ending might still be an effective anti-drug PSA. “It’s a good movie, don’t get me wrong. But this” – he holds up his original script, called Trapped – “is a masterpiece. This is the black Titanic.”

Ex–Coke Kingpin Turns Up His Nose At Mirama […]