Look at Me! Hey, Look at Me!

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!Photo: Corbis

DONALD TRUMP: I came home, and his name was on my house.

CURTIS SLIWA: A lot of mileage out of a funny hat.

MARK KOSTABI: He paints the town but gets someone else to do it for him.

REGGIE JACKSON: The hot dog who talked of itself in the third person.

SANDRA BERNHARD: Those lips, those lips, those eyes, those lips . . .

BILL BRATTON: A whole new world of restaurants to conquer out in L.A.

LINDA FAIRSTEIN: America’s self-appointed foremost sex-crimes prosecutor doesn’t always get it right.

AL SHARPTON: He has a used medallion to sell cheap.

RAOUL FELDER: If he weren’t Doc Pomus’s brother, he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

BONNIE FULLER: Keith Kelly says she’s up for your job.


RUDY GIULIANI: All Rudy, all the time.

Look at Me! Hey, Look at Me!