35th Annivesary Issue Contents

100 People Who Changed New York
Eight million stories in the naked city, yadda yadda yadda. But these hundred are ones all of us have to listen to.

1. New York’s Story
Michael Wolff on Clay Felker’s ambitions for his magazine—and himself.

2. Basketball Diary
Mark Jacobson on Walt Frazier and the birth of basketball cool.

3. Nine Lives
Wendy Wasserstein on the Cats Broadway juggernaut.

4. Crime Figures
Craig Horowitz on how Jack Maple wielded computers against crime.

5. Party Like It’s 1989
Liz Smith on Saul Steinberg’s celebration of eighties excess.

6. End of a Dream
Michael Tomasky on life without John Lennon.

7. Don of an Era
Jack Newfield on John Gotti and the dumbing-down of the Mafia.

8. Material Witness
Kim France on when Madonna was just like a virgin.

9. Here’s Jerry
Ariel Levy on Jerry Seinfeld and the Jewish Everyman.

10. G-L-O-R-I-A!
Katie Roiphe on how Ms. rocked her (3-year-old) world.

11. Giuliani Time
Chris Smith’s portrait of Rudy as a young prosecutor.

12. Naked Ambition
Simon Dumenco on Calvin Klein’s adventure in erotic advertising.

13. So(ho) Expensive!
Glenn O’Brien on how artists created Soho.

14. Women on Top
Wayne Koestenbaum on Tina and Anna, editorial dream girls.

15. Height of Conflict
Craig Horowitz on what the NYPD learned in Crown Heights.

16. Comedy Central
George Kalogerakis on why Saturday Night was Live in New York.

17. Model Behavior
Alex Williams on models who kissed their last names good-bye.

18. The Vigilante
Stanley Crouch on Bernie Goetz as (almost) hero

19. Eat American
Gael Greene on Larry Forgione’s Americanization of the culinary arts.

20. Anarchy in NYC
Legs McNeil on the punk-rock revolution.

21. Bad Rep
Vanessa Grigoriadis on why we loved to hate Lizzie.

22. A Day of Terror
New York’s towering ambitions were attacked

23. The Exhibitionists
Robert Storr on museum shows for the masses.

24. Crash and Burn
James Cramer on the other stock-market crash.

25. The Birth of Irony
Lewis Black on David Letterman and the dawn of late-night cynicism.

26. Fashion Forward
Lynn Darling on the store that made dressing an art

27. Life and Debt
Robert Kolker on your father’s fiscal crisis.

28. Back to Brooklyn
Paula Fox on homesteading over the bridge.

29. Unlimited Sample
Ethan Brown on the cut that inspired a revolution.

30. The Cure
Andrew Sullivan on the drugs that redefined AIDS.

31. Factory Made
Ingrid Sischy talks about Andy and his artists.

32. Straight to Video
Robert Christgau on the video revolution that remade rock and roll.

33. Get Fresh
Steve Fishman on the greening of our cuisine.

34. Come Together
Michael Wolff on the AOL Time Warner merger

35. Changing Times
Mark Jacobson on Times Square then and now


Infamous Times
35 crimes and scandals New Yorkers followed with passion.

“It” Girls
The faces you couldn’t get enough of.

“It” Boys
Leo! John-John! Calvin!

Dubious Sports Moments
When the going gets tough, the tough can get pretty stupid.

Greatest Sports Moments
They shot, they scored!

Rock Around the Block
The bands that changed the course of rock and hip-hop.

Look At Me! Look at Me!
New Yorkers who took self-promotion to new heights.

Eating Wild Game
Food at these places was only the hors d’oeuvre. New York’s most fabulous restaurant scenes.

Wish You Lived Here!
Carl Swanson explains how the city got hot nabe by nabe.

Space Invaders
Manhattan’s eight worst buildings.

New York’s Loopiest
This city is the greatest circus on earth.

Hot Shops
Stores that changed the way the city shopped.

In Places
Where the bold(faced) and beautiful danced the night away.

Greatest Tabloid Headlilnes
Remember “Kiss Your Asteroid Goodbye”?

Cooking Up a Storm
13 restaurant revolutions.

Choose Your Poison
Ed and Rudy mouth off.

Native New York?
10 signs of creeping Americanization.

35th Annivesary Issue Contents