Fun Couples

Woody and Mia.Photo: AP Photos

Marla and Donald—The best sex we ever had to read about.

Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher—Goombah Humbert Humbert.

Rudy and Donna—Quality of life begins at home.

Philip Roth and Claire Bloom—One hell of a marriage.

Madonna and Sandra Bernhard—Strike a pose (a lesbian pose).

Woody and Mia—Everything you ever wanted to know about child-rearing . . .

Tina and Harry—Household media oligarchy (in decline).

Jann Wenner and Matt Nye—The new mogul midlife crisis: I’m gay!

Kenneth and Sante Kimes—A boy’s best friend is his townhouse-coveting mother.

Leona and Harry—Queen and King of Mean.

Ron Perelman and Patricia Duff—Not without my daughter!

Sandy and Bob Pittman—Sherpa-endangering Everest adventuress, stockholder-endangering AOL salesman.

Ed Koch and Bess Myerson—Who’m I doin’?

Fun Couples