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On Wall Street, the millennium celebration started early – in 1995, to be precise – and reached a stunning crescendo in the final months of 1999. Who wasn’t a winner this year, except those poor lost souls who doubted the power of the new economy? On the other hand, you couldn’t exactly use a dartboard to double or triple your portfolio. Making the obscene profits that will forever characterize this market required prescience and nerve. You had to believe in your analysis of this billowing landscape and the technologies that shape it. And then you had to scramble to get in first, when everyone else was scrambling as hard as you were. On the following pages, you’ll find ten who are surfing the wave better than anyone else, along with their predictions on where the next waves are going to come from. Just don’t say the word bubble.

Ryan Jacob
Mutual-fund Net game

Steven Cohen
The market’s hidden hand

Bob Rubin
Citigroup’s celebrity banker

Flatiron Partner
Silicon Alley’s gravy train

Mary Meeker
Top dog of the IPO heap

Jack Grubman
Telecom’s ultimate insider

Who Moved My Cheese?
Your boss wants you to see this

Kirk Kazazian
The Five Million Dollar Man

The Industry Standard
Why everybody reads it

Ben Younger
In Hollywood, his stock is rising

The Star Report