George Wayne, Vanity Fair columnist: “Move to Harlem, shave her head, and become a Jewish-American priestess version of Mother Hale.”

A. J. Benza, author, Fame: Ain’t It a Bitch: “Lizzie is the publicist for my book. Let’s just hope she takes the train to work.”

Dar Williams, singer-songwriter: “Wander around the Hamptons with a wooden bowl, raising funds for poor, yet telegenic, children.”

Joanna Molloy, Daily News columnist: “Not making license plates, I hope. Maybe she’ll follow her father into the law after all her legal navigating.”

Dimitri Boylan, CEO, HotJobs: “Obviously she belongs in a controlled environment – perhaps a theme park. I suggest a career as a Disney villain.”

Bobby Zarem, P.R. man: “I like Lizzie. She should continue what she’s doing, but not with Peggy Siegal. I just wish Peggy had been outside the club – her mouth is so big it would’ve stopped the car.”

Carrot Top, comedian, AT&T pitchman: “Become Halle Berry’s assistant.”