Fred Rogers, host, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood: “I’ve always thought of neighbors as people who care about each other. It takes time to care … time to listen long enough to know how to give and receive care.”

Kenneth Woods, co-owner, Sylvia’s Restaurant: “We’ve seldom had a president pass through Harlem. Now a child can say, ‘The president has an office next to my school.’ Whenever time permits, he should speak at a school.”

Usher, pop and R&B entertainer: “Fry some chicken and have a little cookout on 125th Street.”

Rocky Aoki, Benihana founder: “Buy a townhouse. They’re cheap enough.”

Malik Zulu Shabazz, national chairman, New Black Panther Party: “If he were sincere about helping Harlem, he would remove his physical presence. Right now, he serves as a powerful and awesome magnet for other elite whites.”

Dee Dee Myers, contributing editor, Vanity Fair: “Not eat food off other people’s plates at Sylvia’s.”

Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser: “Get a pushcart and go out on the street and pass out pardons.”