Molly Ringwald, actor: “I would have gone to my prom.”

Harold Bloom, Yale English professor: “I honestly don’t remember. That was 55 years ago. You must ask someone younger, child.”

Wes Anderson, director, The Royal Tenenbaums: “I actually did go back, because we shot Rushmore at my old high school during my tenth reunion – totally strange. I don’t know. I guess I’d try to be cooler.”

Epic, musician, Crazy Town: “My underwear. Then I’d make myself a couple inches taller, and do my homework. That would’ve made me eligible to play football, which is what I really wanted to do.”

Stephen Malkmus, rock god: “Gone to an all-boys school. I could have been somebody … if it weren’t for co-education. Girls worsened the trauma of my teenage years.”

Tom Perrotta, author, Joe College: “I’d pry that damn Supertramp album off the turntable and put on the Ramones. And then I’d try to kiss that sophomore girl with the overbite. I missed my chance in 1976.”