Book of Bill

John Waters, filmmaker, Hairspray and A Dirty Shame: “Miss Me? I do. Clinton is the only president who could conceivably have seen my movies.”

Lucianne Goldberg, talk-radio host: “Blowing It: Memoirs of a Less-Than-Great President.

Douglas Brinkley, author, Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War: “Feeling No Pain. He left what looked like a legacy of mediocrity, but compared to Bush, he’s George Washington! He had a surplus, he got over $10 million for his memoirs, his wife is a senator, and they’re still the leaders of the Democrats.”

Dick Morris, former Clinton adviser: “Hers was Living History. His should be Loving History.”

Gennifer Flowers, singer-performer: “Too Much, Too Little, Too Late.”

Mark W. Smith, author, The Official Handbook of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: “It’s All About Me! My Brilliant Life From the Womb to the White House. Clinton helped Clinton, but he certainly hurt the Democrats. After Monica, he easily could have resigned. And Gore would have been eligible for two more terms.”

Sylvia Woods, owner, Sylvia’s Restaurant: “The Soul of Bill: From the People’s President to Harlem’s Most Famous Business Resident.”

Al Franken, host, “The O’Franken Factor,” on Air America Radio: “Between the Bad Bush and the Worse Bush.”

Book of Bill