Power Puff

Salman Rushdie, author: “If Naomi Campbell can write a book, surely he can. The funny thing about Naomi Campbell is that when asked about her book, she appeared not to know the plot. It’s one thing not to write your own book—ghostwriters are fairly common—but not to have read it is perhaps even worse.”

Emil Wilbekin, editorial director, Vibe: “The next surprise could be a trip to the moon with Naomi Campbell and Donatella Versace, an herbal energy drink called Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, or a luxury Caribbean theme park called P. Diddy’s Paradise.”

Kwame Jackson, The Apprentice runner-up: “I had a meeting with Sean John about joint-venture possibilities, so how about, ‘Start a Kwame Jackson clothing line or partner with an up-and-coming company called Legacy Entertainment?’ Wink, wink.”

Jermaine Dupri, record producer: “Run for president!”

Russell Simmons, mogul: “He’ll become an action star—wearing his clothes and producing the soundtrack. I’ve heard from someone who works closely with him that Puffy’s going to be the next president. And I believe that.”

Greg Gutfeld, incoming editor of Maxim UK: “Try his hand at rapping.”

Power Puff