Times for a Change

Keith J. Kelly, media writer, New York Post: “Get rid of the other Rick Braggs and go back to people who wear out shoe leather. Howell Raines seemed to think that anybody who spent a few months at a dot-com was on the cutting edge.”

Mort Zuckerman, owner, Daily News: “Change the corrections policy—no correction longer than 500 words.”

David Pecker, CEO, American Media, Inc.: “The op-ed page should include a gossip column.”

Howard Kurtz, media columnist, Washington Post: “A charm offensive would be nice. Nothing radical, like dropping the use of Mr. Maybe the new editor can steal a page from W. and give all the reporters nicknames.”

Andrew Sullivan, blogger par excellence: “Hire a real conservative columnist.”

Ann Coulter, pundit: “Offer a daily version in the original French.”

Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor, The Nation: “Hire an ombudsman. True, Bill Keller is opposed to one, but I bet, as someone who received a Pulitzer for his Moscow coverage, he knows it’s high time for some perestroika on 43rd Street.”

Michael Musto, columnist, The Village Voice: “Change that commercial already. That woman’s never going to finish the crossword puzzle!”

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Times for a Change