Saul Zabar, owner of Zabar’s: “I think this Snapple business is bullshit. I sell it, but I’ve never had it to my lips.”

Denise Rich, songwriter: “I’ve written a song called ‘New York, It Ain’t Over.’ We should sell the CD.”

Jimmy Breslin, columnist, Newsday: “If you’re gonna make a whorehouse out of this place, let’s sell women! Bloomberg seems to think money is more important than class.”

Stuart Elliott, New York Times advertising columnist: “For Mets fans, an official crying towel. And we could sign up Ziploc or Hefty to be the bag for cleaning up after your dog.”

Ed Koch: “There’s nothing wrong with the city selling advertising. Queen Elizabeth does it.”

Alissa Quart, author of Branded: “Just in time for GOP conventioneers: an official New York hotel chain, the ‘(Not George) W.’ ”

Ralph Nader, consumer advocate: “The city should bottle its own water. At one time, it was considered the best in the country by Consumer’s Union.”

Donny Deutsch, adman: “Snapple’s our client, so I would take another client, Mennen, and make it the official deodorant in cabs.”

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