Borough Haul

Nell Campbell, performer: “Paris—the city, not the hotel heiress. We’ve got a lot of French folk here; why not bring the whole goddamn city? Besides, we need some older architecture.”

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn borough president: “Bring back Ebinger’s Bakery, Jahn’s Ice Cream Parlor, and Dubrow’s Cafeteria. If not, I’ll settle for Trader Joe’s and the Queen Mary II.”

Mike Albo, writer: “Maybe a flowery communal space with acoustic guitars and brambles and pot for everyone who doesn’t like sports. And thirteen more Starbucks?”

John Turturro, actor: “One thing we need no more of is power plants.”

Gavin Mcinnes, co-founder, Vice: “A half-decent jukebox in Williamsburg? All there is now is Janis Joplin, Morphine, and Santana.”

Borough Haul