Doctors in the House

Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist: “Without hesitation, his wife. Howard needs a course in anger management. That primal scream of his was not a rallying cry.”

Hugo Gurdon, editor-in-chief, The Hill: “Neither. Just as with Iraq and the economy, Howard would keep saying you were in bad shape even though you were getting stronger. And Judy would keep telling you that you’re doing fine even when everyone else could tell your behavior is self-destructive.”

Dr. Bob Arnot: “Her. She’s so concerned about her patients that she doesn’t want to campaign with her husband.”

Tucker Carlson, co-host, CNN’s Crossfire: “Her, definitely. He’s the kind of guy who’s got the rubber glove on before you even get in the office, and who would enjoy telling you, ‘Well, you’re fucked. I’m not gonna put any gloss on it.’ I prefer the Japanese model, where they lie to you: ‘You’re gonna be great! Here’s more morphine.’ ”

Kathy Sloane, Dean campaign adviser: “I’ve met many people who knew him as a physician in Vermont and said that he was an extremely good diagnostician. But I don’t think anyone wants their physician to be somebody who hasn’t practiced for ten years. I want Howard Dean to be my president.”

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Doctors in the House