Mating Game

Lucianne Goldberg, radio host: “Chris Lehane. He knows more about Kerry than his whole campaign does. Give him an intern.”

Dan Glickman, director, Harvard’s Institute of Politics: “I’m available. A Jewish former Agriculture secretary from Kansas would balance the ticket.”

George McGovern, former presidential candidate: “Clark—he ran a military campaign in Kosovo without losing a single American soldier. But one piece of advice based on my experience: You can’t be too careful about background checks.”

Andrea Peyser, Post columnist: “Monica Lewinsky—a proven winner with alpha Democrats.”

Douglas Brinkley, author, Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War: “Edwards. Or Bill Richardson. He can trump whatever overtures the GOP is making to Hispanic voters by, you know, being one of them.”

Geraldine Ferraro, former vice-presidential candidate: “Graham of Florida or Breaux of Louisiana. But people aren’t going to vote for vice-president. This is a referendum on Bush.” Andy Borowitz, author, Governor Arnold: “Liza Minnelli, if only for the moment in the debates when Cheney shouts, ‘Liza! Stop it! Stop it!’ ”

Mating Game