Seeing Green

Lenora Fulani, co-founder, Committee for a Unified Independent Party: “Winning.”

Margaret Cho, comedian: “Replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol.”

Eric Alterman, author, What Liberal Media?: “Anybody who could tip an election to Bush and still call himself a leftist is pretty multi-talented. How about astronaut on the first manned mission to Mars, personal assistant to Bonnie Fuller, or chairman of the Republican National Committee?”

James Carville, political consultant: “He’s one of the great people of the late twentieth century and one of the colossal old bitter fools of the twenty-first. Give him an ego detox.”

Rob Corddry, correspondent, The Daily Show: “There are twelve Corvairs still on the road, and they’re just as dangerous as they were in the seventies. He should attend to his unfinished business.”

Andrew Cuomo, former HUD secretary: “Go on the GOP payroll. He’s proven to be their best weapon for beating Democratic candidates for president.”

Karenna Gore Schiff, director of community affairs at the Association to Benefit Children: “It’s not like we don’t need consumer advocates anymore. He should apply those skills to election reform. I mean, making sure all the votes are, well, counted.”

Seeing Green