Edited by Andrew Lee and Carl Swanson

Hugh Rodham’s $400,000 pardon fee: At least he didn’t take the payment in furniture.

Jann Wenner’s pardon push: Rolling Stone’s big guy helps free small-time drug dealers by appealing to Clinton. So who will help pardon Jann for Perfect?

Napster’s gamble: The site offers $1 billion to record companies to prevent its shutdown. Who the hell gave Napster $1 billion?

Russell Simmons vs. Al Sharpton: The rap mogul blasts Reverend Al for backing McCall instead of Cuomo. Can’t we all just get along?

Gotham: Hard-partying Hamptons publisher Jason Binn unleashes his new city monthly. Well, we think the name of the mag is pretty damn original.

Diane Sawyer’s bad chili: A controversial 20/20 segment about lying – in which she serves foul-tasting food to staff members, then leaves the room while hidden cameras run – airs next week. At least she didn’t make them watch ABC’s fall lineup.

Edited by Andrew Lee and Carl Swanson