This Week in NYC

Lil’ Kim’s big shoot-out: Her feud with Foxy Brown allegedly sparks gunfire in the Village. Looks like people are ripping off Puffy for a change.

Chelsea Clinton’s b-day party: It’s rumored her fête at the Hudson was comped – and no one knows who footed the bill. If her parents were there, the staff better count the silverware.

Cab crashing: A new study finds there are nearly 50 taxi accidents a day in NYC. Most are caused by Judge Judy’s seat-belt announcement.

Bijou Phillips and Sean Lennon: The daughter of John Phillips and son of Yoko Ono make a love match – possibly based on their rich trove of “my parents are so weird” stories.

New York Boy Scouts: Local chapters come under fire for not abolishing ban on gays. Now, if only they’d offer that merit badge for voguing… .

The Park: A hyperhip new eatery on 17th Street and Tenth Avenue. It’s close to Jersey – which makes it convenient for the only people who’ll be eating there in eight months.

This Week in NYC