This Week in NYC

Al Sharpton’s mayoral no-go: Reports say he probably won’t run and may endorse Fernando Ferrer instead. Remember when politicians tried to avoid Sharpton’s approval?

Police Academy flunkies: Nearly 23 percent of rookie NYPD cops fail their academic and fitness tests. But they all score high on the doughnut toss.

Rudy’s porn war: The mayor launches another attack on the sex industry. We thought his second battle against immorality involved choosing between his wife and his girlfriend.

Shirley Jones loses her luggage: She lands in Manhattan for a press junket without her clothes from L.A. What’s worse, someone towed her psychedelic, rainbow-colored school bus.

Bloomberg’s big denial: The billionaire says he has polygraph proof that he didn’t sexually harass female employees – an idea Bill Clinton should have thought of.

O’Donnell unleashes Rosie: Her new glossy debuts with a splashy party at Chelsea Piers. Next: Springer launches Jerry at Billy’s Topless.

This Week in NYC