This Week in NYC

Rudy’s booze ban: The mayor attempts to outlaw liquor at outdoor events. In a related story, the St. Patrick’s Day parade announces that it will take place beneath a giant tarp.

The $16,000 tip: A stockbroker drops a startling gratuity at Nello. It’s good to know all the money you lost on the stock market is going somewhere useful.

Ferrer’s new endorsements: Geraldine Ferraro and Ruth Messinger back the Bronx borough prez for mayor. Next, he says he wants the endorsement of people who’ve actually won an election.

P. Diddy’s duds: His Sean John line nabs a menswear-award nomination from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The category? Best Holster.

Raoul Felder’s art appreciation: The infamous matrimonial attorney is appointed to Giuliani’s decency commission. In exchange, he’ll give the mayor a decent rate on his divorce.

Peter Gatien wants out: After a death at his club, the nightlife kingpin is rumored to sell the Limelight and Tunnel. He’s decided to go into a safer, more predictable business: the stock market.

This Week in NYC