G Spots: This Week in NYC

Yahoo’s new honcho: Former Hollywood exec Terry Semel will take the reins as chairman and CEO. First Yahoo’s stock value plummets, then it hires the guy who green-lighted The Postman.

PETA’s worst-dressed list:
Its first-ever roundup of fur aficionados includes Kid Rock and Madonna, but Star Jones tops the list. She won for square footage.

Buses full to bursting: Passenger loads double, but the MTA fails to add new vehicles. Its solution: free deodorant.

NYPD Marine recruitment: When city cops visit a North Carolina base, only 28 out of 52,000 Marines show interest. They don’t want to be shipped to foreign countries like New York City.

Mariah vs. Janet: Carey’s new $23.5 million-per-album contract with Virgin reportedly has her $10 million-per-album labelmate fuming. Somewhere, Paula Abdul bravely fights back tears.

Greenspan’s surprise slash: An unexpected interest-rate cut sends stocks soaring. Dear God, give us a second boom and we promise not to piss it all away this time . . .

G Spots: This Week in NYC