This Week in NYC

Mark Green for mayor: The public advocate officially launches his campaign in Prospect Park to demonstrate that he’s not just a Manhattan candidate. Now people from all five boroughs can ignore him.

Is Miss France a man? Miss Universe officials investigate rumors that Elodie Gossuin is male. The tip-off was her activity in the talent competition: avoiding commitment.

Charlie Ward’s apology: The Knick repents – sort of – for saying Jews are stubborn and have the blood of Jesus on their hands. He didn’t mean all Jews – just Marv Albert.

Bush vs. Clinton: An awkward situation is averted at the Met Costume Institute gala when the First Lady leaves before Senator Clinton arrives. Apparently Laura had to go put Georgie to bed.

Meg Ryan and Melissa Etheridge: Repeated sightings of the pair at Lotus and Spa have raised eyebrows. This is one relationship Dennis Quaid might actually enjoy watching.

Green-card “I do’s”: Monday’s deadline for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship leads to jumbo lines at the city-clerk chapel. “Do you take this virtual stranger to be your ticket to permanent-resident status?”

This Week in NYC