This Week in NYC

Will Gore run again? He tells his Columbia class, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be a candidate. I need more time and distance from the last experience.” So does the rest of the country, Al.

Ferrer returns cash: The mayoral candidate refunds a contribution to a man with ties to John Gotti. He should have known something was fishy when the check was drawn on an account from the “Legitimate Businessmen’s Social Club.”

Tom Cruise vs. gay porn star: The Top Gun sues XXX actor Kyle Bradford, who claims he broke up Cruise’s marriage. Tom denies he was looking for a few good men.

The L.A. Jets? The football team’s owner insinuates he’ll move it to the West Coast if the city doesn’t help him build a New York arena. So if they move Giants Stadium, do they get to take Jimmy Hoffa with them?

Post suckered, quotes “Heywood Jablome”: There actually are two listings with that name in Tennessee – one a Jr. – and one in Atlanta. But his number’s disconnected.

Alec Baldwin heckled: He’s jeered at a Hamptons public meeting and a Knicks game. They must’ve seen Outside Providence.

This Week in NYC