This Week in NYC

Gracie Mansion catfight: Donna Hanover asks a judge for a temporary restraining order to ban Judith Nathan. Find out what happens next week on Jerry Springer.

Spy-cam city: Giuliani wants to install radar guns and eye-in-the-sky cams on streets to nab traffic violators. You go out a speeder and come back a star.

New York sniffles: City allergy sufferers have a serious case of the dribbles as pollen counts reach an all-time high. Which is why your coworkers sound like they did in the eighties.

Mother’s Day axed: A prestigious private school dumps the holiday in deference to nontraditional families. Instead they’ll have Non-Gender-Specific Parental Units Recognition Day.

Gays go straight: Columbia University releases a controversial study that claims sexual orientation can change through therapy and “heterosexual mentoring.” Yes, but do they have to give up their Tony nominations?

Survivor survives: Series cast member and chef Keith Famie hosts a blowout at Union Pacific. He ordered the stuck pig with dirt and rat au gratin.

This Week in NYC