This Week in NYC

Bernie Goetz for mayor: The eighties subway shooter says he may run and would appoint Giuliani as chief deputy mayor. And you thought Rudy was tough on crime.

The gay Yankee? The editor of Out magazine reveals he’s dating a pro baseball player and suggests that he could be a Yankee. Of course he’s not a Met – no gay man would be caught dead wearing blue and orange.

Al Sharpton for prez: The activist announces a national tour to investigate a bid for the Democratic nomination in 2004. First stop? A jail cell in Puerto Rico.

Stoplight sting: The city stakes out intersections, only to find that an estimated 1.2 million drivers run red lights every workday. Of course, if you don’t count police cars, the number drops to 37.

Steve Madden’s stock fraud: The shoe pusher pleads guilty and receives 41 months in the slammer. But he claims he didn’t commit real fraud – just a bunch of cheap knockoffs.

Topless war: Upscale strip clubs pool together a $1 million legal fund to fight Rudy. All of it in Cristal-soaked $1 bills.

This Week in NYC