This Week in NYC

Donna fights back: Rudy ousts Hanover’s spokeswoman – but she pays almost $60,000 to keep her. Why doesn’t someone fire Raoul Felder and make everyone happy?

Judi’s ex speaks: One of Nathan’s former flames says the First Girlfriend “got a much worse deal than she bargained for” with the mayor. Why should she be an exception?

Andrew Sullivan’s sex scandal: The gay righty admits he’s sought out partners for unprotected sex. In his case, unprotected means you have to listen to him rant about Jim Jeffords in the sack.

Jagger snaps: A photog claims Mick broke her camera after she shot him outside Nick & Toni’s. We’d destroy any evidence that we ate there, too.

Sharpton’s slammer: While continuing his hunger strike, Al makes plans to renew his wedding vows in prison. Which can mean only one thing: a wedding cake with a file inside.

Kmart’s trust test: The Astor Place branch allows customers to ring up items without a cashier. Shoplifting was more fun when it was a challenge.

This Week in NYC