This Week in N.Y.C

Rudy’s hideaway: Sources report that Giuliani and Judi Nathan rendezvous at the St. Regis. Next time, let’s elect a mayor hip enough to cheat on his wife at the Hudson.

Hillary’s hidden document: A copy of Clinton’s college thesis shows up for auction on the Web. Oddly, her topic was “Where’s New York?”

Leona Helmsley’s gay bashing: An ex-employee files a $10 million suit claiming she openly insulted gays and once said, “I hate Donald Trump; Donald Trump is gay.” That is so the wrong reason to hate Donald Trump.

Private-school scandal: Students from the city’s most elite high schools come under fire for posting sexual exploits of their peers on the Web. They call the site My Parents Wasted 20 Grand a Year to Send Me

Scalping city: A new state law increases the amount scalpers are allowed to resell tickets from 10 to 20 percent. So what’s 20 percent of an arm and a leg for seats to The Producers?

Teenybopper rumor: Are Carson Daly and Tara Reid over? Call us naïve, but we thought this one would last.

This Week in N.Y.C