Patricia Duff’s Legal Scorecard

Selections from court transcripts of August 11, when Julia Heit asked to withdraw from representing Patricia Duff and Duff had to explain why she’s gone through twenty lawyers in her child-support-and-custody battle with Ron Perelman.

The Court: Your presentation this morning is very skillful. I would have absolutely no trouble with you representing yourself pro se in this case… . Every other lawyer you have engaged has either withdrawn because they could not represent you or you have fired them.

Duff: That is your characterization. That is not mine.

The Court: … Who did you like?

Duff: I thought Mr. Beslow did an excellent job. Julia Heit –

The Court: … Why did you fire him?

Duff: … He was not prepared on support.

Heit: Can I interject? I am still not fired yet.

The Court: I think what Ms. Duff is saying is that she would love you to try her case. I’m loving that, too.

Duff: I would like Ms. Heit to be prepared. Even a day or two.

The Court: … We are going forward today. The only question is whether you are representing yourself, Mr. Emery is representing you, or Ms. Heit is going to represent you… . Given the number of lawyers that she has, who represent the cream, the milk, and the skim milk of the matrimonial bar, to whom will she go?

Heit: Your Honor, where do I fall in?

The Court: That’s up to you. You want to be the cream that rises to the top, you be ready to try this case at 2:15.

Richard Emery and Julia Heit went into court last Thursday as co-counsel.

Patricia Duff’s Legal Scorecard