Bratton on Bratton

“Like Babe Ruth pointing his bat to the bleachers … I was confidently predicting the future.”

“I was finally Commissioner. Life was going to change and I was ready.”

“I enjoyed traffic duty… . I was in control.”

“After three weeks of cutting-edge police training … I was going to do everything right.”

“When my name was announced as executive superintendent, jaws dropped.”

“I don’t intend to be overwhelmed by them or this job, I intend to overwhelm them.”

“I like the excitement of moving large numbers of people into action.”

“I don’t see how you can move an organization forward quickly without capitalizing on your own persona and attracting attention.”

“If you were not part of Giuliani’s cultlike following, willing to drink Kool-Aid at a moment’s notice, you were suspect.”

Bratton on Bratton