The Big Question

Dominic Barbara, celebrity lawyer: “I’ve represented some Mafia families, and most want their children to be doctors and lawyers. Tony would be very upset and think it’s time for military school. Since I’m trying out for a part on the show, I’m offering to represent him for free.”

Bruce Jay Friedman, author: “He’d say, ‘What are you bothering me with $40? I don’t wipe my ass with $40.’ “

Willa Ford, pop star: “After letting him sweat it out in jail, he’d bail him out and let Carmela deal with it.”

Jerry Capeci, “He’d slap him with the back of the hand for committing such a low-class robbery, and then he’d come back across with the open hand and say, ‘And that’s for the next time you do it, you jerk.’ “

Jaid Barrymore, actress-author-stripper-mom: “Tony would want to give him a whack for each dollar, but Carmela would kill him. So he’d make him earn $40 doing menial tasks and stick him in therapy.”

Peter Maas, author, Underboss, The Valachi Papers: “He’s going to go bananas, and he should ask himself why.”

The Big Question