Susan Sontag, author: “I’m torn between General Ratko Mladic, Saddam Hussein, and Henry Kissinger. The curse, though, would be the same: justice.”

John Waters, filmmaker: “I’d never give my enemies the satisfaction of acknowledging them in print. But I’ll tell you a hex that works: When the person you loathe leaves the room, lick their chair. Something awful will happen.”

Lauren Ezersky, fashion guru: “Naomi Campbell. She’s backstage telling me she doesn’t give interviews, and then she gives one to Nicky Hilton!”

Gore Vidal, author, Dreaming War: “George W. Bush. And he’d be confined to his presidential library and forced to read every book on the Constitution.”

Bobby Zarem, PR guru: “There’s nobody I dislike who’s important enough right now to wipe out. Jean Doumanian—Woody took care of that.”

Dave Chappelle, comedian: “What I want to know is, who buys a hex for a hundred and fifty grand? Comparative shop a little, brother! There’s got to be a four-grand or ten-grand hex out there.”

Your Turn
If you could hex anyone and you wouldn’t have to spend a dime or sacrifice 40 cows, who would you get?