Style Counsel

Lauren Ezersky, host, Behind the Velvet Ropes: “Donatella. Cut that hair off! It’s too blonde, too long, too frizzy, too … too. At a certain age, you have to let go.”

Mickey Boardman, style editor, Paper: “CNN’s Anderson Cooper. I’d do him Saint-Tropez gigolo—super-clingy shirt opened to the waist. He needs to get in touch with his inner sex god. Also Bloomberg—Diesel jeans to show off his cute butt. And Anna Wintour needs a junkie madame in a 1940s New Orleans brothel look. This season’s YSL is perfect for it.”

Justin Bond, Kiki of Kiki & Herb: “I’d put Bush back on the booze and cocaine and get him a job managing a Hooters in Midland, Texas. The world would be a safer place.”

Murray Hill, entertainer: “The networks should do Queer Eye for the Queer Guy and get Michael Musto on immediately. Jeezus, the last few times I’ve seen him on the town, he was wearing sweaters uglier than Bill Cosby’s.”

Simon Doonan, creative director, Barneys: “Stylists must be stopped! Janet Reno does not need to wear Cavalli. But I’d love to see Hillary gussied up. Keep the Washington-career-girl silhouette, but add some Lacroix recklessness. Green, pink, yellow! Bright colors work for the queen.”

Style Counsel