High Camp

Lewis Black, comedian: “I went to camponce. The first night we were there, the counselortold us a ghost story. It scared me so badly that thenext day I called my parents asking them to pick meup. They didn’t.”

Wendy Wasserstein, writer: “I playedPeter Pan in my camp’s performance. Thecounselor carried me so I could fly … and hedropped me!”

Todd Graff, writer-director, Camp:“Getting off the bus and realizing there werefive times as many girls as boys.”

Marissa Jaret Winokur, star of Hairspray:“The worst thing was probably breaking my legduring a game of dodgeball.”

Michael Showalter, co-writer-star of Wet HotAmerican Summer: “I pooped in my pants andhid my shorts in the woods. I had been walking fromthe lake and from the top of the hill, I could see thebathroom—the excitement was enough to do it. Mybunkmates found the shorts, and my name was sewn in! Itold everyone someone had stolen them.”

Jonathan Adler, potter: “I went with atrunk full of soccer cleats and dreams of athleticprowess. Then I laid my eyes on the potterycounselor—hairy legs, tight Lacoste shirt, andhandlebar moustache. I immediately signed up forpottery class.”

High Camp