Test Kitchen

Ruth Reichl, editor-in-chief, Gourmet: “Being a babe magnet like Rocco must make you brave. Would I let a bunch of cameramen follow me around during the most stressful time of my life? There’s not enough money on earth.”

William Grimes, Times food critic: “It was extremely nervy and slightly mad for Rocco and his partner Jeffrey Chodorow to expose what they do. Among chefs, I think, it’s created great resentment and jealousy.”

Zarela Martinez, chef at Zarela: “I want to leave a legacy, but not that kind of legacy. I want mine to be scholarly.”

Didier Virot, chef at Aix: “He has a big ego! For the food industry, I think it is a boring show. Honestly, I prefer to see a good movie on food like Babette’s Feast or Big Night. Those give you a better idea of life in the kitchen.”

Drew Nieporent, owner of Nobu: “I was on for three tenths of a second myself, and I have people coming up to me saying they’ve seen me on TV. A lot of us would love to be in his shoes.”

Caroline Fidanza, chef at Diner in Williamsburg: “A lot of people in the restaurant business haven’t seen it because they work.”

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